1. Choose your
Goddess Style 

you can choose between 8 different goddess styles and also the numbers of characters you want... add all the details to make it perfect!

Order Step

2.  Upload your picture

select the format (digital, print or original) and the size in which you want to be turned goddess

Order Step

3. Claudia draws you

we will send your portrait in high definition in 2 to 4 weeks.
You will recive an email with all the shipping information to track the order

A powerful goddess? Your zodiac sign? Doing your favourite yoga pose? In a coffee cup? Everything you want, we got it! Our aim is to give you the most beautiful and authentic portrait. You can choose between 8 different options to make sure that it is just how you want it. We take care of all the special details, choose your favorite clothes, the background you dream about, your hobby… choose your style! Tell us everything! We will make sure that you adore it!


Do you want to be one of Claudia Sahuquillo’s Goddess?
Turn yourself, your friends or family into a Goddess! With your pet? Your best friend? Your favourite celebrity? DONE! We will make it happen for you. A customized portrait is a unique experience for you and a very unique gift…
Make that special person feel like art!
Claudia Sahuquillo will turn you into a goddess the way you want it! Just send us your pictures and we will tell you how to do it. 


Get ready to become a powerful work of art.
It will blow your mind! 


Claudia Sahuquillo is ready to turn you into a masterpiece! The most beautiful part of her art is that it makes you happy. Ask anything you want, really, you are the boss! Any little detail will be studied and put into the portrait to make it the most original and authentic possible.
You will get the artwork in high quality, know for sure that it will be one of the most special gift ever, for you and yours! 


I first contacted Claudia (one of my favorite artists) to make me a portrait of me and my wife as a gift for her. When I received the portraits along with the mugs I ordered, I was surprised how many details she included in the portrait ❤️. With her magical touch, she made our portrait look lively and lovely as well. I use it as mobile wallpaper and also I can print as much copies as I want. ⚡


I asked if Claudia could to do a portrait of my best friend and I. The end piece resembled us but kept true to her style that to me has themes of connection, confidence and powerful women. It was exactly what I hoped for!

Irene & Gerard

I was looking for someone to do a drawing of me and my husband for our wedding invitations. I sent a picture of us to Claudia and I loved how she captured us, it was perfect! ✨ I’m absolutely obsessed with her art!


Claudia has a way to convey her talent to her customers and she can transform any drawing with her colors to something astounding🌈   I was really happy to receive my order from her. Claudia is not just talented but a real hardworking artist and an inspirational influencer. You can notice how every year her work develops into something new. Highly recommended for sure!🔥

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